Prof_Mitch_GoldfarbMitch Goldfarb is a Professor at West Chester University in the Kinesiology Department. He received the “Honors Outstanding Faculty Award” from West Chester University’s Honors College. Mitch is an integral part of a team of professors from the Departments of Health, Kinesiology, Psychology and Philosophy that have created a minor degree program in Contemplative Studies.

Professor Goldfarb continues to lead Corporate Wellness and Mindfulness Programs in the business community. Previous programs include work with Allstate Insurance, Universalist Unitarian Ministers Association, Heartland Hospice, Coatesville VA Hospital, Temenos Retreat Center, MEDecision, the County of Chester, Saint-Gobain North America, and others. He also teaches at various Wellness Centers and facilities in the greater Philadelphia area. His teaching background includes over four decades instructing at various Philadelphia area colleges and universities. Mitch is a member of the World Tai Chi and Qigong Day Organization. In addition to Tai Chi, Mitch is certified in alternative/complementary healing as a Reiki Master and Master Instructor in the Usui System of Natural Healing by licensed psychologist Dr. Lee Bowers. Goldfarb earned his Master Instructors certification from William Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training, Michigan.

Mitch’s studies of Tai Chi Form, Tai Chi Sword, Qi Gong and Push Hands include work with Grandmaster Maggie Newman (New York), Grandmaster Ed Young (New York), Grandmaster Benjamin Lo (California), Grandmaster Dr. Tao Ping-Sang (Taiwan), and Grandmaster William C. C. Chen (New York). All of these Grandmasters were life students of Professor Cheng Man-ch’ing, the person responsible for developing the most popular form of Tai Chi, the Simplified 37-Posture Short Yang Form.

Mitch is a member of David-Dorian Ross’s inaugural studies of Taiji Zen, co-created with film and action star, Jet Li. This new program is based on the original writings of Zhang San-feng. Prior to 2014, the program had only been taught inside China. David-Dorian Ross, International Master Tai Chi Instructor, is one of only two Master Instructors in this style outside China. Mr. Ross is an author of five books on health and wellness and host of the PBS series T’ai Chi: Health and Happiness. David-Dorian has won seven U.S. gold medals, two World bronze medals and a world silver medal—highest awards ever given to an American. He is a professor for The Great Courses. Mr. Ross is the Founder and CEO at TaijiFit.

Professor Goldfarb’s CD “Do Less – Achieve More,” a Guided Instruction for the Simplified 37-Posture Short Yang Form, is used in West Chester University as an audio textbook. Students have found this step-by-step narrative simple and easy to follow, allowing for a deeper enjoyment of the Art of Tai Chi.


Mitch has also been actively involved in writing and producing various healing and meditation CDs. Goldfarb’s CD “Native Path” for Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation is available on iTunes.



Mitch’s writing and production can also be heard on the Living Consciously By Design meditation and mindful living series, “Embracing Abundance.” In this five CD collection, Mitch teams with spiritual leader Normand René Poulin in creating a guided meditation experience like no other.


More of Mitch’s work can be heard on the five healing and meditation CDs for Dr. Deepak Chopra. These discs feature Shafaatullah Kahn, a world-renowned multi-instrumentalist and deeply spiritual artist.


Two-time Grammy Nominee, Mitch has produced, written, and/or engineered for the following: Teddy Pendergrass (Grammy Nomination; Gold Record; Top 10 Billboard), George Benson (Top 10 Billboard), Lou Rawls, Miles Jaye (Top 10 Billboard), Hammer, DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince, Pretty Poison (Gold Record; Top 10 Billboard), Michael Pedicin Jr. (Top 10 Billboard), Judy Mowatt (Grammy Nomination), Warlock (Gold Record), Cinderella (Gold Record), Gorky Park (Gold Record), Barrio Boyz (Platinum Record), Whitehead Brothers (Platinum Record), Chubby Checker, Bon Jovi, Eddie Murphy, Clarence Clemmons (Bruce Springstein), Billy Squire Band, Bobby Rydell, Gene Simmons (Kiss) along with jazz greats Peter Erskine, Eddie Gomez, Robben Ford, and Grover Washington, Jr.

Goldfarb traveled the world recording for TV and films, including ABC’s 20/20, Good Morning America, CNN’s Headline News, Turner Broadcasting and The Guiding Light.

A founding partner of KAJEM / VICTORY Studios in Philadelphia, Mitch now owns MAX Productions and Rock Dog Studios in Downingtown, PA. KAJEM Studios earned the reputation as one of the best residential recording facilities in the US. The list of recording credits read like a virtual Who’s Who of contemporary music, including Patti LaBelle, New Kids on the Block, Queensryche, Public Enemy, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Boyz II Men, and Shaquille O’Neal.

Community service is a part of life for Mitch. He is a 10-year-plus veteran and member of the “Youth Aid Panel,” a division of the Juvenile Justice System of Pennsylvania, where he works with the Brandywine Regional Police Department. Mitch’s panel has been recognized and honored as “Youth Aid Panel of the Year.” His volunteer service includes work with the Red Cross, Big Brothers / Big Sisters, as well as being trained as a mediator by the Center for Resolutions (Media, PA) for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

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  2. jlfatgcs

    Mitch, I have been following your blog for some time and wanted to say thank you. Every day (other day?) you have simple message that is far from simple. It is always poignant and resonates loud and clear with me. Just wanted to let you know.

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    1. Prof. Mitch Post author

      Dear Jennie,
      Thank you so much for nominating me for the Spirit Animal Award. I feel honored by your recognition of my blog.
      Many thanks. Keep up your wonderful work and writings focused on opening so many young minds.
      Warmest wishes,
      Prof. Mitch

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  3. Carl D'Agostino

    You seem to have a very dynamic and vibrant career. Sometimes I feel I was stuck as a high school history teacher for 33 years but I touched many lives and more than mere history I like to think I helped teens improve basic reading and writing skills and that was a contribution to society. I think I would have liked being a paleontologist or archaeologist. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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