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About Prof. Mitch

Two-time Grammy Nominee, Mitch is a Producer, Songwriter, Tai Chi & Mindfulness Instructor, Author & Professor at West Chester University. Mitch is a Professor at West Chester University in the Kinesiology Department. He received the “Honors Outstanding Faculty Award” from West Chester University's Honors College. Mitch is an integral part of a team of professors from the Department of Health and the Department of Kinesiology that have created a minor degree program in Contemplative Studies. Professor Goldfarb continues to lead Corporate Wellness and Mindfulness Programs in the business community, including work with Allstate Insurance, Universalist Unitarian Ministers Association, Heartland Hospice, Coatesville VA Hospital, Temenos Retreat Center, MEDecision, the County of Chester, and others. His teaching background includes over three decades instructing at various Philadelphia area colleges and universities. Mitch is a member of the World Tai Chi and Qigong Day Organization. In addition to Tai Chi, Mitch is certified in alternative/complementary healing as a Reiki Master and Master Instructor in the Usui System of Natural Healing. Mitch's studies of Tai Chi Form, Tai Chi Sword, Qi Gong and Push Hands include work with Grandmaster Maggie Newman, Grandmaster Ed Young, Grandmaster Benjamin Lo, Grandmaster Dr. Tao Ping-Sang, and Grandmaster William C. C. Chen and Jano Cohen. All the Grandmasters were life students of Professor Cheng Man-ch'ing, the person responsible for developing the most popular form of Tai Chi, the Simplified 37-Posture Short Yang Form. Mitch is part of David-Dorian Ross's inaugural studies of Taiji Zen 太极禅, partnered with Jet Li. It's based on the works of Zhang San-feng. DDR is an author & host of the PBS series Tai Chi: Health & Happiness; winner of 7 U.S. gold medals, 2 World bronze medals, & world silver medal—highest awards ever won by an American. Mitch has also been actively involved in writing and producing various healing and meditation CD’s, including five CD’s for Dr. Deepak Chopra. Goldfarb’s CD Native Path for T’ai Chi, Yoga and meditation is available on iTunes.