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A note of Special Thanks to Dr. Charles French for nominating me for the Blogger Recognition Award. I am honored to be nominated by Dr. French, who lifts the bar for all of us with his insights on writing and literature. He also shares the gift of storytelling with his love of classic horror films and how they echo age-old themes and struggles we see in all of our stories. Thanks again Dr. French for your generosity in nominating my blog.
Please visit Dr. French’s wonderful blog and be prepared to be inspired:
Thanks again for your generosity in nominating my blog.

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Explain briefly how you started your blog.
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I’ve always been interested in mindfulness, meditation and Tai Chi, which I teach as part of a Contemplative Studies Program at West Chester University. For years, first thing each morning, I would pour my cup of coffee, sit down, and engage in a writing meditation. It started when I read The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, a wonderful book about writing. She had an exercise called “Morning Pages,” which for me quickly morphed into a gratitude journal, and then finally into inspiring thoughts and setting an intention each day. It’s magical. I just loved how it made me feel.

By the way, Ms. Cameron’s book is about much more that writing. It inspires all types of creative expression and getting those juices flowing, a must read for anyone looking to connect with their inner muse.

Eventually I became curious about sharing positive energy on social media, so I began posting brief upbeat thoughts each morning to start the day off on the right foot. I call them Ch’i Essentials because they are focused on getting your ch’i or life energy flowing to enhance your day. The interesting thing is, the Ch’i Essentials really work when the reader takes a moment and considers the thought, then they do the lifting. The reader gets to experience their own magic!

In a word, write. Write. And write. And write some more. A person gets best at whatever they spend their time and attention doing. The good news is, if you are a writer or play in any of the creative arts, you really have no choice. It’s something you can’t help but do. It’s what gets you juiced. I can’t wait to get out of bed each day and dig in. It’s been the same with creating music in the studio for years. Writing and creating music are a joy and they’re part of my life blood. I just feel blessed that people like to read or listen to my creations. Plus, I love thinking that just maybe, in some small way, I’ve improved someone’s day!

There are so many great ones. Dig In and Enjoy!

  1. Janice Gable Bashmanhttp://www.janicegablebashman.com/blog/
    For YA & Adult magic, Janice is the one to read. Her generosity lifts all writers.
  2. The Author’s Chronicleshttps://authorchronicles.wordpress.com/
    This is a great blog with 5 authors contributing. They met in NYT best-seller Jonathan Maberry’s Advanced Writing Workshop, where I had the privilege of meeting them.
    Check out their “Top Picks Thursdays” for current publishing industry news and tips.
  3. Donna Galantihttp://www.donnagalanti.com/blog/
    Donna is a great YA author who gives back to the community. Check out her new book.
  4. Begin To Believehttp://begintobelieve.com/
    Robin is uplifting, upbeat, and everything up.
  5. Gavin Zankerhttps://gavinzanker.wordpress.com/
    Gavin is all about writing. Read a post or two and you’ll be writing too. Thanks Gavin.
  6. Windmills of My Mindhttps://contemporaneousquixotic.wordpress.com/
    Charming and intelligent. It’s all about the journey. A must read.
  7. Wanderlust: Becoming a Travelerhttp://wanderlustbecomingatraveler.com/
    Pernnilleo is a bright light conquering the world.
    Warning: If you read her blog, it’ll put a smile on your face.
  8. The Seeds 4 Lifehttp://www.theseeds4life.com/
    Inspiration and more inspiration. A brilliant idea with lots of bloggers contributing.
    There’s something for everyone.
  9. Alice The Coachhttp://alice-the-coach.com/blog/
    Alice freely shares her magic. And trust me, you’ll want to get some. Give her a read.
  10. Cicada Fibershttps://cicadafibers.wordpress.com/
    Cicada Fibers combines the gift of poetry and insight.
  11. The Wannabe Sainthttp://thewannabesaint.com/
    The Wannabe Saint shares their views from a spiritual path.
  12. Effortless Mindfulnesshttps://effortlessmindfulness.wordpress.com/
    Lisa Dale Miller, author, lifts the journey for all of us. Check out her new book.
  13. Evening Lighthttp://chaosanddamage.com/
    Evening Light reflects on the questions that arise when facing challenges.
    Powerful and insightful.
  14. Two Cents For Youhttps://twocentsforyou.wordpress.com/
    Short and to the point. It’s time they won another award.
  15. Enlightenment Angelshttp://enlightenmentangels.com/
    Enlightenment Angels, the name says it all.
  16. Thoughts of SheryLhttps://thoughtsofsheryl.wordpress.com/
    The power of love and food. Need I say more?
  17. Scale Simplehttps://scalesimple.wordpress.com/
    Upbeat and unique. Well worth the read.
  18. Glitchy Artisthttp://markovich.tv/
    Alex creates magic with his camera.
  19. Falling Appleshttps://martinappletree.wordpress.com/
    Martin, author and novelist, shares his poetic insight.

Congratulations to all these wonderful nominees! Please visit there terrific blogs.
They offer so many great posts, sharing insights, discoveries, and art.